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Helping You Meet Your Goals

Keeping abreast of state laws concerning land use is difficult when you have a business to run. This is an area that demands diligent legal representation to ensure laws are followed so your business can move forward. At the Boston firm of Kevin J. Joyce, Attorney at Law, we dedicate ourselves to our clients’ success and take pride in representing landowners and developers in a range of real estate and land use legal matters.

The Land Use Cases We Handle

Attorney Joyce has extensive experience with real estate and land use and is knowledgeable on the latest state land use regulations. With more than 20 years of experience, he provides strong strategy for an array of land use needs, including real estate transactions, zoning and administrative approval matters.

The types of land use issues we resolve include:

  • License challenges and complaints for construction supervisors
  • Zoning approvals including rezoning requests, variances, conditional use permits and appeals
  • Easement disputes including adverse possession, assess and driveway
  • Boundary disputes
  • Environmental compliance, including wetland regulation
  • Ordinance challenges and appeals
  • Business licensing and regulatory compliance
  • Platting, lot splits and subdivisions
  • 60-day rule violations
  • Title defects and disputes
  • Public affairs strategy to negotiate administrative approvals

From filing land use claims in both federal and state courts to arguing appeals before zoning boards of appeals, we can defend your rights as property owners. Our professional and diligent land use lawyer is ready to assist you.

Have An Imminent Land Use Legal Matter? Call Now.

We can help you with any land use lobbying or real estate legal need. Reach out to our firm in Massachusetts at 617-542-8905 or with this easy contact email which is sent directly into our digital mailbox. Start resolving your legal concerns today; speak with our experienced attorney.