What’s included in the Imagine Boston 2030 initiative?
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What’s included in the Imagine Boston 2030 initiative?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2021 | Real Estate Zoning |

Over the last few years, city planners and other interested parties have proposed and developed a plan to create a more intentional series of communities in Boston. Now that the final plan is in place, residents are starting to see Boston move into the implementation phase.

This can be an exciting time for real estate developers to create a new sense of community in a legendary city. Imagine Boston 2030 promises to create sustainable solutions that are affordable and useful for the Boston community.

Here’s an overview of Imagine Boston 2030 and what you should know about the initiative.

Mixed-use neighborhoods

Imagine Boston 2030 includes plans to create mixed-use neighborhoods that make working, living and commuting simpler. With affordable housing and nearby work, residents can experience the support of city life while living in an intentional community. Currently, there are plans for mixed-use neighborhoods in several areas of Boston, including:

  • Charleston
  • Mattapan
  • East Boston

In some of these areas, like East Boston, the plans will include changing the areas in high-risk flood zones.

Green initiatives

Boston is a city of opportunity. One of the goals of Imagine Boston 2030 is to take advantage of some of the previously missed opportunities to increase sustainability, such as:

  • Utilizing rooftops for solar power
  • Improving air quality with greenery
  • Shifting transportation to low-carbon options like walking and biking

Additionally, the Imagine Boston 2030 initiative includes regulating new construction and retrofitting of current buildings to transition to cleaner energy sources. Large buildings changing to power sources like geothermal and solar energy tend to impact emission reduction significantly.

Imaging Boston 2030 is an opportunity for real estate developers to support a sense of community in the Boston area through careful neighborhood planning and impactful initiatives.