Boston authorities announce five projects
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Boston authorities announce five projects

by | Jul 7, 2021 | Real Estate Zoning |

The Boston Planning & Development Agency (BDPA) Board of Directors approved five development projects this June. The projects include:

  • Campus improvements at Faulkner Hospital. The facility is moving forward with its project to improve and expand its inpatient area. It will also add sidewalks, crosswalks, bike lanes, bike parking, a shuttle/bus shelter, and an accessible ramp from the MBTA Bus stop. The project is expected to receive an LEED Silver certification.
  • Theater to Washington Street. The BDPA also announced the approval of a new community theater and housing project in Roslindale.
  • Revitalization and restoration on Isabella Street. The board states this project will bring new life to the currently vacant Our Lady of Victories Church. In addition to restoration and preservation, it will transform the building into a multi-family unit.
  • Bank expansion to provide housing units. The 1-2 Thompson Square project will add on to the Charlestown Savings Bank to create retail space as well as housing units.
  • Community and preservation project in South Boston. The BDPA expects the 80-110 West Broadway project to provide new community, restaurant and office spaces within the area while keeping the charm of the historic Amrheins building intact.

The group also approved a plan to evaluate all current transit options in the Allston and Brighton neighborhoods. The goal of this project is to develop efficient transit options and reduce congestion within these areas.

These projects are examples of the opportunities that exist within and around the Boston area. Developers who wish to take advantage of these opportunities are wise to verse themselves in applicable zoning regulations before putting together a proposal. This will better ensure board approval as well as a successful project.