The benefits of building green
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The benefits of building green

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2021 | Real Estate Zoning |

Real estate developers in Boston and throughout the world are learning the challenges and benefits of implementing environmentally friendly “green” policies in the design and construction of new projects.

Those who implement such policies often enjoy generous incentives from federal, state and local government entities, Boston’s E+ Green Building Program standing out as a leading example in Massachusetts. Other benefits include enhanced energy efficiency and a healthier and happier workforce.

A pathway to greener buildings

The World Green Building Council offers a number of helpful tips for real estate developers seeking to harness the benefits of environmentally sound construction policies. Some of the key strategies they recommend include:

  • Using renewable and low-carbon technologies to power the construction of a building as well as its day-to-day functioning once it is in use
  • Encouraging building tenants and staff to recycle. Ample signage and access to waste bins are key elements of this process.
  • Minimizing water use in buildings. This can be aided by installing touch-free faucets and water-conserving toilets, and by fine-tuning irrigation schedules.
  • Improving drainage systems to avoid undue waste of water resources
  • Maximizing natural light and fresh air
  • Building with the foresight to ensure future renovations and demolitions will also have a minimized negative impact on the environment

Green energy and green building are here to stay. Real estate developers who harness the latest green technologies in today’s projects will be a step ahead when new protocols and methods make for even greener projects.

If you are building in Boston or anywhere in Massachusetts and are seeking to maximize the benefits of green building, consult with an attorney who is on the cutting edge of developments in this field.