Boston is about to see a wave of economic and climate resiliency projects
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Boston is about to see a wave of economic and climate resiliency projects

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2021 | Real Estate Developers |

In early February, the Board of Directors of the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) approved a series of housing projects. These projects are designed to support economic development and climate resiliency investments in several Boston neighborhoods.

Steps in right direction for Boston

This most recent round of Agency approvals reflects Boston’s trend toward economic and climate development.

For example, one of the new buildings that the Agency approved – to be located in Jamaica Plain – will have economic support and development as one of its key purposes. The building will be a mixed-use building, with both commercial and residential units. At least for of these units will be income-restricted, meaning that they will be reserved for Bostonians whose income is below a certain amount.

The building will also feature several climate-friendly features. The parking lot will feature an electric vehicle charging station, and there will be eight exterior bicycle storage spaces to promote the use of bicycles within the city. The roof of the building will support the use of solar panels to provide for the building’s consumption of electricity.

Another project that the Board approved in February was a $200,000 grant to Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS). This is welcome news to inhabitants of East Boston who depend on GBLS for help with rent, food, medical services and other types of assistance.

The Agency also approved the establishment of a Maritime Capital Reserve Fund. This fund will function to stimulate growth in Boston’s maritime economy, and will hopefully lead to the creation of many new jobs in the area.

The Agency’s approval of these projects bodes well for Boston. Hopefully, this city that you live in and love will continue the current trend of addressing problems in economic development and becoming more climate-friendly. That is a goal we can all be proud of working towards.