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In the current economy, real estate investments can seem risky, public permitting processes can be high-stakes, and the evolution of local, state and federal laws is making navigation of the system even more complex. When interested in development or an investment or if you are facing a dispute, it is important to work with an experienced and trusted real estate law attorney.

Kevin J. Joyce, Attorney at Law, understands that relationships, experience, technical knowledge and sound litigation skills are all necessary to successfully represent and advise his clients. Many firms have one or two of these qualifications, but Mr. Joyce brings all of these necessary skills to every case. With decades of experience and many successful projects under his belt. Mr. Joyce leverages his relationships, skill, negotiation and litigation experience to provide his clients with the highest quality service.

Mr. Joyce represents a broad range of real estate development clients, including building owners, developers, nonprofit organizations, and investors. He has handled real estate transactions involving multifamily buildings, offices, hotels, retail stores, charter schools and institutions, and residential and commercial condominiums. Whether you are an experienced local commercial developer or a national company with real estate interests in Boston, Massachusetts, Mr. Joyce can protect your long and short tern interests.

Attorney Kevin J. Joyce provides legal counsel and building permit consulting services to real estate professionals and consumers throughout Boston and the surrounding area. He brings over 30 years of experience in commercial permitting, real estate transactions and regulatory issues to clients, with an emphasis on zoning and building permitting of property in the City of Boston. A former Commissioner of Inspectional Services and former Special Prosecutor for Boston’s Enviornmental Strike Team, Mr. Joyce is known throughout the legal and professional community as a problem solver and a consensus builder.


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